Saturday, August 30, 2014

Update: DeVries Falsely Claims "Only Delegates Were Allowed To Vote" At Ottawa Convention

After a West Michigan Politics article raising questions about his involvement in the Ottawa County Republican Party convention, State Sen. Arlan Meekhof's chief of Staff took to Facebook with false claims about what happened at the convention.

DeVries, after calling me a quote"idiot," claims he received a guest pass and that only delegates were allowed to vote at the convention, implying he couldn't. (He did not deny standing in line to receive a ballot though.)

His claim that only delegates could vote is absolutely not true. Multiple people who are not delegates not only voted, some even had their names on ballots. This is an undisputed fact, why he would challenge it is very interesting.... He almost immediately deleted his comments.

Questions continue to pile up, leaving many puzzled as to why, at the behest of people like Congressman Huizenga, the Ottawa County Republican Party executive committee would refuse to investigate the situation and so quickly decide to fire executive director Faith Steketee...

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