Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Meekhof's Scapegoat? Ottawa County GOP Executive Director Faith Steketee FIRED

With Ottawa County GOP Executive Director Faith Steketee apparently being fired this week, many Republicans in Ottawa County want answers.

Steketee's apparent dismissal will be the hot topic at a meeting this Thursday, August 28, 7 p.m. at Ottawa County GOP Headquarters in Holland.
Faith, left, with husband Steve

Jack Holmes, a Hope College Professor and leading figure in the party for decades said at a Precinct Delegate meeting in Grand Haven Tuesday night the situation is a "personnel issue" and that "there would be opportunity on Thursday to make public comments," according to a witness.

Ottawa County Patriots Chairman Jim Chiodo said on Facebook:

"Obama has Bush, Republicans and Tea Party to blame for everything. More locally, the Ottawa County GOP had to place blame for leadership screw ups. That scapegoat was fired today."

Speculation over a controversial orange flyer promulgated by Arlan Meekhof and Chief of Staff Bob DeVries, Joe Haveman, and Rep. Huizenga, as well as problems with Ottawa County's delegate and alternate list, seem to be the reason for Steketee's "departure."

In situations like this, it's often conveinent for someone like Faith to be blamed regardless of their involvement. Is that the case here? It's too early to say, but one would surmise it's very much a possibility.

An editorial note regarding Faith:

I have known Faith Steketee for about 12 years. She has answered every question I had in a timely manner, she helped me meet President Bush, Rand Paul, and many, many others, and has always been courteous and respectful even when others were not. She is a class act.

Faith's record of service over the years is one to respect and admire, she has worked IMMENSELY hard to advance our party here in Ottawa County. If she was bullied by the likes of Arlan Meekhof, I for one believe she deserves a second chance. If she is a scapegoat, she shouldn't have been dismissed.
The orange flyer is key here-that issue MUST stay alive, answers MUST come regarding: that orange flyer."

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