Friday, August 1, 2014

Breaking: Amash's Opponent Brian Ellis Urges Dems To Vote In Republican Primary "Mississippi Style"

The circus continues in what has been called "the nastiest primary" of the year by DC news outlets.

In a page straight out of the Thad Cochran playbook, mailers sent to Democrats at the last minute from Brian Ellis, the primary challenger for Justin Amash, are urging Democrats to vote for Ellis in the Republican primary Tuesday because he will be "reasonable," unlike Amash.

"You can remove Justin Amash from Office by voting in the Republican Primary," the mailer touts...

Mr. Ellis would face a write in campaign from Amash before he went anywhere, and with Amash's lead of nearly 25%, he should be ok. 

(WMP spoke to multiple individuals who do not typically receive Republican mail-they identify as Democrats and got these flyers.)

See mailers below:


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