Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Gary Glenn Makes it Official: He is a Candidate in the 2012 Republican Senate Race

After months of toying with the media, controversial leader of the American Family Association Gary Glenn announced Tuesday he would seek the nomination of the Republican Party for US Senate.

""Over the last 20 years, Debbie Stabenow and Pete Hoekstra have both voted for budgets and debt ceiling increases that resulted in trillions of dollars of increased debt on our economy and our children," Glenn said in a release.

From  Michigan Public Radio:

The 53-year-old from Midland says his views on a variety of issues are very different from Senator Stabenow’s.

“I have championed the issue of worker freedom in the past, supporting right-to-work legislation. Debbie Stabenow is on the opposite side of that issue. I was a champion of protecting constitutionally marriage between one man and one woman. Debbie Stabenow is on the opposite side of that issue.

Glenn also says he wants to repeal the new federal health care reform law.
He also believes America can become energy independent if it drills its oil reserves and uses fracking, a process that removes oil and gas from rock formations.

Glenn recently suffered political defeat in Holland, leaving one MLive commentator to ask " "If Gary Glenn can't muster a couple hundred votes in Holland, how does he expect to beat Debbie Stabenow?"

Controversial leader of AFA Michigan and US Senate candidate Gary Glenn

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