Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ottawa County Patriots Look to Engage Young People: "Not Your Typical Tea Party Meeting"

The Ottawa County (Tea Party) Patriots will host Amy Jayne Hawkins, Executive Director of "Citizens for Traditional Values," at their next meeting.

The meeting takes place at the Herman Miller Library and Community Center in Zeeland, and starts at 7 p.m.

"This isn't your typical Tea Party meeting," said Jim Chiodo, leader of the group. "This meeting is about youth and why we must reach them.  Better yet, how we, as a generation have failed our children and grand children by waiting too long to wake up and get involved.  It may be too late for many of us, but not too late for them to save our country."

Chiodo has a challenge for those attending.

"Bring an 18 to 25 yr old," Chido said.

In a release for the event, Hawkins is featured in a "Q and A" piece.

Q: How do you define the younger generation, or the Millennial Generation? 

A: "The Millennial Generation is defined differently among different sources. I use it as a term to capture the young adult crowd, including those born in the late 70's to those who are now around voting age and were born in the mid 90's."

Q: Why is paying attention to the Millennial Generation Important? 

 A: "The average age of those participating in the Republican Party, or Tea Party Community (aka the more conservative conversation) are probably in their 50's, 60's and older. The older population knows the young adult's presence is needed but have little clue about how to get their attention, much less their action.
It's vital that this generation be understood, and engaged because: we are the ones who are - and will be - carrying the brunt of the current leaders' decisions; as individual citizens, teachers, parents, tax payers, business owners, and community leaders, we live in a culture that is the manifestation of the previous generation's inactivity and choices; and we are tomorrow's leaders that could be the answer for preserving the Founding Father's America for future posterity."  

Q: Why should young adults care about what is happening in the government arena?  

A: "Because the sacrifices men and women have made for our freedom for over two centuries demands our stewardship; because our children will benefit in a free society where the individual has value; and because there is blessing in a country where God, not government, is the answer for salvation and prosperity."

Q: Why should the younger generation attend the August 9th meeting? 

A: "Because you need to meet and get to know the men and women who are sorry for what their inaction has done to your America and who are working to make it right. And you need to understand the truth of how we've been duped all these years as a generation. A conversation needs to start. This is an opportunity to influence your community, state and nation but it's a discussion that is only for the bold of heart."
CTV Executive Director Amy Jayne Hawkins

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