Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Was Tuesday's Holland City Council Vote a Loss for Gary Glenn?


So....Was Tuesday's Holland City Council Vote a Loss for Gary Glenn?

WMP would argue it very much was.

WMP broke the news last night before any other media outlet, declaring "Holland's Second Ward tells Gary Glenn to get lost, re-elects pro gay rights incumbent Jay Peters by a wide margin."

First of all, turnout was very low. Pathetically low. Even then, Gary Glenn couldn't motivate just two or three hundred people to go to the polls. Only 365 out of about 5,000 voters voted, and most of those votes were absentee, cast before Glenn's robocalls. 200 went to Peters. If the voters of the Second Ward were as outraged as Glenn claims, one would think they could muster a couple hundred folks out to the polls and send Jay Peters packing.

His outrageous, spin filled robocalls (and ramblings to whatever media outlet will talk to him) sound more like the ramblings of someone who hasn't taken their meds than someone who should be taken seriously as a candidate to represent the people of Michigan in the United States Senate. Did a single person vote for the only candidate in the race who was against the gay rights measure BECAUSE of Glenn's robocalls? If you're one of the 45 who voted for Tonini because of Glenn, email us at We won't hold our breath waiting on those emails...

One reader said : "Why the narrow characterization Jay Peters and those who voted for him? Perhaps he just did a good job, and those in his ward can see that."

WMP is confident that is why most Second Ward voters went with Peters: because of his record of service on Council over the years. That's still a loss for Glenn and a message to him as well. It's a message that says Jay is doing a good job, we don't need you Gary, the Second Ward can govern itself without the influence of "outside agitators."

Glenn issued a statement afterward, out of which one would never know the Holland Reformed Church Classis stands behind the gay rights measure, and that it has religious exemptions:

“We appreciate Jerry Tonini for taking a principled stand against homosexual activists' discriminatory gay rights ordinance that threatens religious freedom and the institution of marriage,” CMF Chairman Gary Glenn said in a prepared statement. “We will continue to oppose that agenda before the City Council and at the ballot box, should the issue ever be put before Holland voters to decide directly.”

One Mlive commentator summed it up well: "If Gary Glenn can't muster a couple hundred votes in Holland, how does he expect to beat Debbie Stabenow?"

Holland Councilman Jay Peters

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  1. Absolutely it was. He announced he was running a few hours after his guy lost in Holland. He lost, but he did succeed in changing the story from him losing to him running for Senate. Thank you for bringing up a good point.