Saturday, September 22, 2018

First, The Michigan Republican Party Came For Judge Clement...

Judge Clement with her family, and Gov. Snyder

By Brandon Hall
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The Michigan Republican Party recently decided to leave Judge Elizabeth Clement off of literature being distributed by activists across the state as part of their "Results Not Resistance" campaign effort.

I will be the first to say the party has improved greatly under Ronna and Chairman Weiser, and I am not the biggest fan of Judge Clement, mainly for her ruling on the gun rights case before the Supreme Court recently.

When conservative grassroots activists expressed disappointment with that decision and talked about replacing her, establishment Republicans laughed.

Then she ruled to put "Voters Not Politicians" on the ballot, and the Lansing special interests went BALLISTIC! All of a sudden, the grassroots activists they were just mocking weren't so stupid after all.

However, no one made an effort to suspend the rules at convention and replace her. ANY delegate could have filed that motion, but none did. Despite some controversy, with no alternative, Clement won. Way she goes.

Now, party leaders say they are removing her from campaign lit because of concerns from "grassroots activists." Fake news. The party has pushed MANY candidates the grassroots vehemently disagreed with.

This was because of powerful connected groups like the Michigan Chamber and Freedom Fund, period. Don't be fooled into thinking it was because of the "grassroots."

First of all, why alienate the Metro Detroit soccer moms all the experts agree are so vital this fall for Republicans chances of keeping the House and having any chance of scoring an upset win against Stabenow? Also, why divide the party even further, what happened to that "unity" we're always told about?

More importantly though, what kind of precedent does this set?

Will the party abandon a future nominee for statewide office because they are too much of a grassroots, anti PC choice?

When party leaders start picking favorites, beware. What you're cheering for now may infuriate you later.

Clement won and she is our nominee, she should be on the literature.

Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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  1. Um, at what point were the grassroots supposed to make this motion to suspend the rules?

    Do you recall that Bolger ignored the chorus of boos as he made the motion for “unanimous consent” to place Clement on the ballot?

    He should really have his hearing checked.

    Just in case anyone forgot how that played out...

    This "omission" is last minute damage control by the republican party leadership to fix something that easily could have been accomplished earlier by convincing Clement to withdraw from the race at the last minute.

    Think Stan Grot.

    They could've easily used the same explanation (family issues) as the reason for her leaving.

    Now, Weiser's hubris just literally handed that court seat over to the democrats!

    Hopefully, they would have learned their lesson when Viviano's time to go comes around.

  2. party officially nominates judge candidate following reasonable but politically inconvenient legal opinion then refuses to support nominee, aka circus clown show