Thursday, February 22, 2018

Calley Expands Campaign Leadership Team In Governor's Race

By Brandon Hall
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Lt. Gov. Brian Calley recently announced his statewide finance committee for his campaign for governor.

The committee will be co-chaired by Dan and Pamella DeVos of Grand Rapids, Phillip Fisher of Bloomfield Hills, and Jim B. Nicholson of Detroit.
“I am honored to have Dan, Pamella, Phillip and Jim lead the charge on fundraising efforts for my campaign for governor,” Calley said in a press release. “Their success and leadership in both the public and private sectors are widely admired. They will help grow the momentum that is building behind our campaign.”
Calley also announced regional finance chairs and "cabinet members" who will help Calley "Continue the Comeback and take Michigan to the next level."
Southeast Michigan co-chairs: Joe Barbat, Michael Colman and Fadi Nassar
Southeast Michigan cabinet members: Steven Haddad, Carlos Hesano, Steve Hilfinger, Joey Jonna, Arie Leibovitz, Ben Maibach, Clint Mansour, Cindy Pasky, Bob Schaffer, Tim Shepard, Brett Tremain and Norman Yatooma.
West Michigan chair: Sam Cummings
West Michigan cabinet members: Chris Beckering, Jim Brooks, Noel Cuellar, Mark de Waal, John Essex, Craig Hall, Mike Lomonaco, Dan Meyering, Andrew Reames, Sydney DeVos Reames, Brian Walker and Jim Williams.
Southwest Michigan co-chairs: Ron and Ruth Wiser
Southwest Michigan cabinet members: Bud Dunn, Joe Gesmundo, Mark Jones, Marc & Jeanne Schupan, Charles Zhang and Lynn Zhang.
Northern Michigan/Upper Peninsula chair: Steve Kircher
Northern Michigan/UP cabinet members: Bob Barnes and David Gahm.

Calley also recently announced Matthew Gibb, a lawyer from Oakland County, as his campaign manager.


Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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