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Breaking: Hacked DNC Emails Show Dems Plotted Disgusting "Flint Hit" To Attack Snyder

By Brandon Hall
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Leaked DNC emails from WikiLeaks show the water crisis in Flint is nothing but a political football for DNC Debbie and her pals in Washington.

Not a single remorseful word can be found out of thousands of conversations, yet there is no shortage of discussion plotting a "Flint Hit" in a series of emails designed to use the situation to attack Gov. Snyder during President Obama's visit there...

And yes, "Flint Hit" is the words THEY used!

Below, read the email chain discussing the "Flint Hit," and read the originals HERE

"The purpose of this hit was to get in AM Michigan stories ahead of the president's visit today which is why I submitted it yesterday. We missed the boat for print but obviously can get inserted into some afternoon online stories. One more edit to the quote below."

From: Freundlich, Christina Sent: Wednesday, May 04, 2016 9:51 AM To: Helmstetter, TJ; Walker, Eric; Walsh, Tom; Miranda, Luis; Paustenbach, Mark Cc: Price, Jenna Subject: RE: DRAFT: Flint hit for tomorrow

Bumping this again for a third time. I made the changes below re: Trump

From: Helmstetter, TJ Sent: Tuesday, May 03, 2016 2:33 PM To: Freundlich, Christina; Walker, Eric; Walsh, Tom; Miranda, Luis; Paustenbach, Mark Cc: Price, Jenna Subject: DRAFT: Flint hit for tomorrow

Jenna wrote the first draft of this. My edits are incorporated. Would like this to go out first thing tomorrow AM (should be approved today) to coincide with President's visit. I can start sending to Michigan outlets today for use in their AM stories. Thanks.

From Republican Governor Rick Snyder's failure to attend the Congressional hearings, to last week when he suggested he would not meet with the President during his visit to Michigan, Republicans continue to avoid responsibility for the Flint water crisis. The GOP candidates running for president are no different, as they have continued to rally in defense of Snyder, despite the findings of negligence from the Republican Governor and his administration.

During the debate in Detroit, the GOP candidates spent more time throwing insults, than addressing pressing issues like water crisis in Flint, effecting the lives of thousands of Americans just 66 miles from the debate stage. Today, as President Obama heads to Flint to discuss the failures of the water crisis with Governor Snyder, let's not forget that Donald Trump, the presumptive nominee, refused to comment on the crises

take a look back at the very little the Republicans have had to say on the issue: 

* Kasich admitted that he didn't "..know all the details" 
Trump said, "..I shouldn't be commenting on Flint."
* Cruz blamed Democrats and suggested repealing anti-poverty programs in Flint.

"President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Democrats across the country continue to prioritize justice for the people of Flint, who are still suffering the effects of a devastating public health crisis. Meanwhile, the Republican Party turns a blind eye. Trump, Cruz, and Kasich can barely muster a response to the Flint crisis, let alone hold Rick Snyder accountable for his failure. Americans deserve better." -- spox"

Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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