Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Donald Trump Didn't Start The Fire: Establishment Politicians Like Arlan Meekhof Did (Now Watch Them Squirm!)

By Brandon Hall
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I find it immensely hilarious to see the political establishment freak out about 2016 GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump, especially Republicans.

It was many of the very same establishment Republicans who are now blasting Trump who created the environment for "The Donald" to rise in the first place.

Puzzled by Trump's success? People are pissed at status quo politicians. Pissed at liars like Arlan Meekhof who tell voters how against taxes they are in an election year, then raise taxes on those same families AGAIN and AGAIN just months later.

Despite ads claiming he'd fight government growth and tax increases, Meekhof raised the gas tax AND vehicle registration fees in Michigan.

People like Arlan Meekhof, Michigan's dark money king, a tool of special interests and a puppet and prostitute for whomever comes calling with a check, have the American people sick of the BS and the lies. I hate the word "RINO," but if Arlan Meekhof isn't one, who is?

Trump speaks often of how people like Meekhof are controlled by elites, happy to do their bidding when the moneymen call, happy to say "how high?" when the donors say "jump!"

Because of that willingness to work on behalf of special interests, despite Secretary of State Ruth Johnson's best efforts fighting him, Meekhof was the central figure in giving Michigan an "F" ranking in a major study assessing  government openness and accountability after he orchestrated a dark money takeover of Michigan politics, preventing the public from knowing who is paying for the ads that elect their government.

He also supported the biggest tax increase in 50 years via Prop 1, changed Senate rules to prevent media and public access to documents, and wasted $140 million on a new Senate building that is nothing but a taxpayer handout to one of his big donors.

He also hasn't held a local townhall or coffee in YEARS, never available to those he is supposed to serve! And this is supposed to be a "Conservative leader?!" And people wonder why Trump is doing well?

One can't forget the liberals who are the first to make fun of Christian Americans for praying- prayer shaming them because of their faith- are the first ones to defend American Muslims from the "evil" Donald Trump.

These same type of liberals are also usually the first to smear and slander millions of law abiding gun owners before the blood has even dried during the latest tragedy.  It might be funny if the hypocrisy weren't so palpable.

Take a lot at Terre Haute, Indiana and you'll see why Trump won't be going anywhere anytime soon. His supporters are far from simply racist nuts. They're a diverse coalition who are so sick of the games being played with the American people.

According to Politico:

"In America’s most prophetic county seat, Trump enjoys a diverse coalition of support, from the 17-year-old punk high school student on the eve of his first election to the 81-year-old Kennedy voter to the kind of folks who will reshuffle their Thursday night plans to attend a county GOP “Politics and Pies” event. Coastal pundits might lament Trump’s appeal to the “low information voter”—but I can tell you one thing: Terre Haute citizens are anything but poorly informed.

And, in nearly every presidential election since 1888, voters here in this blue-collar county have selected the winning candidate, missing only twice: Once, in 1908, when they opted for Williams Jennings Bryan instead of William Howard Taft, and again in 1952, when they chose Adlai Stevenson rather than Dwight D. Eisenhower.

And if Trump can make it here—in this hollowed-out county of swing voters, union halls, three universities and a knot of CSX railroad lines, where voters seem to have a knack for predicting unpredictable elections—he can make it anywhere."

The lies and BS games the political establishment in D.C. (as well as in Lansing and state capitols nationwide) have continued to play with the American people for decades has made Trump's candidacy possible. Trump didn't start the fire, establishment politicians like Arlan Meekhof watch them SQUIRM! Make no mistake, you reap what ya sow!

Here are Meekhof's false promises to Ottawa County voters last year:

Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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Photo By Darlene Dowling Thompson