Thursday, November 5, 2015

Road RAGE: Meekhof Road Bill Costs Michigan Families Hundreds Of Dollars Every Year

By Brandon Hall
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How would new road legislation pushed by Senate Majority Leader Arlan Meekhof hurt Michigan families?

The costs for gas and vehicle registration are going up.

The gas tax will go up 7 cents/gallon while vehicle registration fees are up 20%.

The average driver apparently drives 12,000 miles a year. Some much less, some much more, but that's the average.

Subsequently averaging out highway and city driving of all the cars on the road to a generous 25 miles/gallon, one would need 480 gallons to keep their car fueled during the year. 480 times .07 equals $36 for every Michigan driver on average.

Add the 20% increase in vehicle registration fees?

According to the Free Press, "the average registration fee for a passenger vehicle is $100."

That means that fee would now cost $120, $20 more.

$20+$36 = $56.

The new Meekhof road bill will cost an average of $60/driver.

If you're a typical family of four with two teen kids, you'll be paying roughly $240 more per year or more!

Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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Photo By Darlene Dowling Thompson


  1. It will be well worth it because afterwards Mich will have best roads in the world, no doubt about that.

    1. Yeah if that were the case....Canton Center was done less than4 years ago and is already a pot hole mess... how about 75 north. Done 7 years ago, cant even drive in the middle lane. Nice change the minute you hit OHIO border. Snyder, Meekof and every other R who voted for this should be thrown out. I will do my best to campaign against them. RINOS

    2. My comments were meant to be sarcastic. I know full well the roads will always be a mess. Like doctors, they don't want a permanent fix because they would run out of business. Gotta keep that money making machine running.

  2. my two vehicles right now are 400 in registration fees. so just that is 80 and I drive a diesel 30,000 miles a year. Thanks Meekof and Snyder. No wonder Trump is ahead in the polls.

  3. This guy (Meekhof) thinks he is, somehow, in position for "higher office"? Why? He is a crook like all the rest of the elected class.

  4. Expected revenue increase depends on the number of cars getting registered. We have three vehicles now, but will sell or scrap one before 2016 renewal... Hey, that saves on insurance, too! And oil changes and repairs... And there goes the economy, so net taxes collected from my account and probably from others' decrease. Is there a pattern or even a principle here?

  5. Your math presumption is that the family has 4 cars...?

  6. We used to have great roads for no additional tax, before "tax and spend" became a religion. We could have drained the swamp and found lots of money for road right in the general fund. Meekhof is gutsy to go against that 81/19% voter mandate. We need better budgeting and spending restraints in MI.