Sunday, September 9, 2018

Breaking: Legislators Wrote Controversial National Popular Vote Bill During Hawaiian Vacation Paid For By Lobbyists

By Brandon Hall
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Legislators involved in leading the effort to get Michigan to adopt  the National Popular Vote Compact wrote the bill in Hawaii on a luxurious vacation paid for by lobbyists promoting the controversial proposal.

West Michigan Politics has learned that a large amount of legislators  went to Hawaii on the tab of the special interests pushing for the legislation. A top level source with knowledge of the trip, which occurred shortly after the August 7th primary, said it could be as many as 24.

Legislators believed to have attended include the sponsors of the bill, Tim Kelly in the House, and Dave Hildenbrand in the Senate. 

WMP has emailed them, as well as multiple other legislators, about their connections to the trip. 

Others contacted for comment about their participation include Represenatives Dave Maturen, Jim Lilly, Triston Cole, and Vanessa Guerra, as well as Senators Rick Jones, Phil Pavlov, Geoff Hansen, David Kenezek, and Coleman Young II.

In the House, the legislation is known as HB 6323. It was introduced by Kelly on September 5th, then referred to the Committee on Elections and Ethics. The language says it's "a bill to enter into the interstate compact to elect the president by national popular vote," it can be read in full HERE.

In the Senate, Hildenbrand was the lead sponsor of SB 1117, which is identical to HB 6323. Like Kelly, he also introduced the legislation on September 5th. It has been referred to the Committee on Government Reform.

Republican grassroots activists strongly oppose the legislation, as many believe in the Electoral College system our Constitution prescribes. Had this been the law, Hillary Clinton would sit in the White House today instead of President Trump.

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Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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  1. Wonder what price these losers asked for their vote?

  2. Did Saul hand out the plane tickets or order the limo? Looks like the swamp gas got to them and they went stupidly reprobate.
    This violates the intent of campaign finance law and any jury will convict. btw, no more resigning to avoid indictment, enough! Indictment must include those who bribed them as well.

    NPV is a compact that must be approved by the US Senate who will never do it as it is clearly a violation of the US Constitution.
    What is now more important is that the FBI now open the book on what they have and let the Grand Jury indict. Foreign fund donations are also rumored.

    1. Saul was there with Michael Steele the former RNC Chair.

  3. If the Dem's get any control of either house of the legislature, they might just pass this stupid and unconstitutional fiasco.

  4. Is there proof of this that's rock solid?? I would love to promote this, but really want to know if it will stand up to scrutiny.

  5. You should read more before you get too carried away here.

  6. It appears to me kids that when the Dems get Texas or Florida into the solid blue camp- there will never be another Republican President. So pick your poison.

  7. How many are term limited, diving in for one more payday before they go? How much actual cash, or promise of future employment is involved? Time to rewrite Arlen Meekhoff’s revision of the recall law. Is there a legislator anywhere in Michigan with the integrity and intestinal fortitude to tske this on?
    If not, then it’s not only time to clean house. Time to reliad the senate, too!