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Better Call Saul: Anuzis Clarifies Dennis Lennox Role In Cruz Campaign

By Brandon Hall
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Saul Anuzis, a consultant for the Ted Cruz Presidential campaign, is clarifying controversial activist Dennis Lennox's status with the organization after multiple Cruz supporters expressed significant concern and even threatened to withdraw support for the Texas Senator.

"He was contacted to do a project and completed it," Anuzis said. "That's it-old news."

Anuzis continued:

"There are some articles being written about the Cruz strategy in the Territories and that Dennis was a part of that."

Anuzis comments come after much confusion.


>>>WMP recently wrote:

"Evidently, Dennis Lennox’s status with the Cruz campaign is an ongoing issue that still needs to be fully determined.  Conflicting reports and drama are immensely clouding the issue, and until that time, this article has been edited.

>>>Rather than this being swept under the rug, WMP is working diligently to determine the truth and as always, will let you know what is uncovered. 
Dennis Lennox is extremely controversial across the party, but especially with grassroots activists. 

Those same activists led a charge to remove Lennox from the Cruz campaign after WMP and other outlets reported the Texas Senator had sent "Dennis the Menace" to Guam on behalf of his campaign.

One of those grassroots leaders, Adrian Poulisse, came just a few votes shy of winning the race for 1st District Chair earlier this year. He wrote a letter to Cruz asking Lennox be removed.

"If Dennis is a must for the Ted Cruz team, then consider this Memo a notice of my resignation. I am dedicated to the conservative movement and am not loyal to one person. I cannot be seen or considered connected to Dennis and maintain our effort here in Michigan. We are focused on winning conservative presidential electors, winning conservatives positions in the Republican Party, and getting conservatives elected throughout the state."

Poulisse concludes:

"We will still support Cruz in our private capacity but cannot be seen in connection with Dennis. Please be prepared for a mass exodus in Michigan. I wish I was wrong but take a moment and look online. Facebook, blogs, and twitter is lighting up with the news of Lennox’s involvement in this campaign. Two of my county Chairs have already messaged me telling me they are done."

A few days later, Poulisse posted this:

"Breaking: Lennox is officially out. Will be stateside shortly and will have no other official capacity in the Cruz campaign. Please share!"

But simultaneously,  WMP wrote of confusion about Lennox's status with Cruz.

"Dennis Lennox, a controversial Michigan politico who has recently drawn fire from supporters of Ted Cruz over Lennox's role for the Senator's campaign in Guam, was reportedly supposed to be sent back to the U.S. and no longer involved in Cruz's 2016 bid. However, it appears Lennox has been sent to American Somoa for at least a few weeks and is future role is unclear."

That was because of THIS article.

WMP was confused after Lennox appeared in yet another article earlier this week in the Washington Post.

Here's an excerpt:

"The Cruz campaign started dispatching people in August to five U.S. territories to hunt for delegates. Dennis Lennox — a longtime Republican consultant, former Michigan county drain commissioner and hockey official with a penchant for bespoke suits, exclusive parties and travel blogging — went to the Pacific territories for more than a month. Along the way, he encountered an uncommon trail hazard: a typhoon. Lennox, operating as a Cruz consultant, met with elected and party officials — the campaign bought Guam Gov. Eddie Calvo a birthday cake — and worked to persuade anyone he could meet to support Cruz."

The confusion regarding Lennox's role remains yet tonight...

Lennox was terminated from his position at a newspaper earlier this year."

Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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  1. Patriot Radio 94.5 will not comment on your previous post regarding Triston Cole claiming that your article has yet to be verified.
    They said you were going to do a follow up or a retraction.
    When do you expect that to happen?

    Thank you for your hard work informing Michiganders,

  2. You're pathetic. Attacking conservatives like Cole and mainstream Republicans like Kurt Heise and Dennis Lennox. You're the last person BRANDON HALL to be throwing stone's.

    1. Conservatives like Cole.... You been drinking and posting?!?!?!? Friends don't let friends post High or Drunk. You also have to know that Lennox is a RINO at best. If you would have told us your name maybe we could have helped you see the truth and light. You must be a friend of both to combine them in the same post.....or do you know something we don't.