Saturday, October 31, 2015

MIGOP Co-Chair Jeff Sakwa Donated Thousands To Democrat Senator Gary Peters

Sakwa, left, with MIGOP Chair Ronna Romney Mcdaniel
By Brandon Hall
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MIGOP Co-Chair Jeff Sakwa is second in command of the Michigan Republican Party and popular with the organization's grassroots wing: that's why recent revelations are raising questions.

Federal records show that Sakwa gave Democrat Senator Gary Peters, then a Congressman, nearly $5,000 in a series of four donations from February 2009 to March of 2011.

Jeff Sakwa  03/15/2011
Jeff Sakwa  09/25/2009
Jeff Sakwa  08/11/2010
Jeff Sakwa  02/18/2009

Sakwa was elected MIGOP Co-Chair in February of 2015 as the running mate of Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel...

Gary Peters
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Photo By Darlene Dowling Thompson


  1. Sakwa should be booted from his leadership position. Anyone who could contribute to Peters who is 1) a career politician 2) a career Democrat 3) would never agree with anything a Republican proposal 4) has voted with Obama on most issues while in the House and Senate. He is a political hack and anyone who donates them cannot be anything but a RINO.

    1. Maybe he's a mole.... "In espionage jargon, a mole (also called a penetration agent, deep cover agent, or sleeper agent) is a long-term spy (espionage agent) who is recruited before he or she has access to secret intelligence, and subsequently works his or her way into the target organization."

  2. Maybe he had to pay for access to something, à la Trump.

  3. At least he didn't have sex with a colleague (sarcasm). He will be un­tain­ted in the eyes of a RINO by this polit­ic­al treason. I can't wait to hear which RINO excuse he uses to explain this away! Maybe Doster & Doster sent him on a secret mission to reach out to the Dems. Maybe it was a moment of weakness and he was overwhelmed by his circumstances. Gosh, maybe it's all part of vast right wing conspiracy.

    1. Or perhaps they are more discreet

  4. This is the biggest piece of tabloid trash I've ever seen. Sakwa twice ran for MSU Board of Trustees -- nominated by the two major parties at their post-primary conventions -- and then for state GOP co-chairman -- also elected at a state convention. Are these donations lousy? Sure. Absolutely. No question. But nobody raised them in any of his three convention races!

  5. You must be a 5th or two ahead of your drinking schedule, nothing tabloid about this, just a presentation of facts. And very professionally too I might add, no calling him a "RINO" or other names. I'd surmise that maybe the other three campaigns had lousy research analysts?

  6. That truly sounds like a full out hypocritical action on Jeff Sakwa's part.

  7. It's understandable that a RINO would contribute to a Progressive socialist Democrat like Gary Peters because they are two birds of a feather, the believe in Party over Principle. At GOP conventions everyone would assure me they are "conservative" then turn right around and vote for a Sakwa, Romney, McCain, or Saul Anuzis...where's the principle in that?

    Harry Browne on Meet the Press during his 2000 campaign stated that it didn't matter whether a Republican or Democrat got elected, only that the Democrat would take us to hell a little faster than the Republican.

    The GOP is destroying itself and a few of us are trying to save it, but the RINOs are fighting us.