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Michigan Dems Horror Story: Racist Anti-Snyder Mailer Is Absolutely Disgusting

A mailer recently sent to voters by the Michigan Democratic Party (via the State Central Committee) is as disgusting as it is racist.

With Mark Schauer running scared from the media after a horrible debate, his lies exposed by the Free Press and other outlets, and trailing in the polls for almost the entire race, it's no surprise Michigan Dems are resorting to Alinskyesque tactics, desperately attempting to fire up their coalitions to avoid a humiliating defeat in November.

The race-baiting mailer features a black child seemingly hiding from Governor Snyder, claiming that "Rick Snyder doesn't stand for us...Rick Snyder has the wrong priorities for African Americans in Michigan."

Among other claims, the flyer also says that Snyder "took away our right to democracy," and "his political appointees took over African American communities all over Michigan." Like Granholm taking over Benton Harbor and Detroit Schools, among others? Interesting...

I don't even know where to begin describing this deplorable piece of trash.

 I first saw it on Facebook thanks to a post by Associated Builders and Contractors of Michigan's Jimmy Greene. Greene posted a letter from his friend Eric Brown, both of whom happen to be black Michiganders:

"My Fraternity Brother just sent this email to the Editors of the Detroit News & Detroit Free Press. Thanks Eric Brown...I agree with you 100%

Good Afternoon:

I received this ad via a friend and I find it to be the most pathetic and embarrassing ad that one could even think about putting together. Of there are any black people out their that believes this mess, then we truly are not living in a post racial society.

What's worse; whoever put this together has no respect whatsoever for black people. I say that because not only is this rhetoric playing on the worst fears and assumptions of black people, but it also plays on the perception of many that we don't have a freaking clue. 

If the Democratic Party leadership, pseudo leader of black folk in this state or even the nominees at the top of the ticket does not denounce this nonsense, then that will tell me a lot about the people in this state.

I am also asking that the media condemn this ad and put their investigators to work to try to find out who is behind this vile and pathetic rhetoric.

This is as appalling as it can get with just a few weeks to Election Day. The I truthfulness of this piece of garbage just goes to show that some will stop at nothing to discredit another human being who has done more for black people in this state than some people that are black and were elected by blacks.

This ad crosses way over the line and an apology should be coming forth from the Democratic Party challenger on the race for governor in this state. This ad is a very low blow and should not be accepted by anyone with any resemblance of decency.



Well said, Eric.

Amazingly, the media has been completely silent about this. Not a word from the Michigan media about this desperate, disgusting, racist mailer.

 If Bobby Schostak and co. had sent something like it, you better believe an apology would have already been called for from everyone on the left. Demas, Progress Michigan, Eclectablog, Schauer, et al-they would have been calling for Snyder's head until he denounced it, and for an apology from the Michigan Republican Party.

When one has to stoop to race-baiting to attack an opponent, you know the situation is bleak. Maybe Adolph Mongo's recent column hit a little too close to home for Lon Johnson and co.

Mongo wrote that:

"And there is Mark Schauer’s Detroit problem, one that could derail the ticket in November. His party’s most loyal base is falling apart...Many party loyalists have told me that they see no point in going to the polls...Many disgusted black voters say they are unwilling to blindly follow the dictates of a political party that routinely ignores them until election time. Schauer will need a huge Detroit voter turnout. And he is not going to get it. It is obvious he has taken a play out of the Democratic Party book on black voters.

It doesn’t matter that the governor might get only six percent or less of Detroit’s vote. Schauer might only manage a six percent turnout in Detroit."

In a humorous response to the flyer, columnist Ken Braun created a mock-flyer that is quite hilarious. :)

Calling someone a racist in a cheap attempt to procure votes isn't funny at the end of the day, though-obviously.

Using the sensitive issue of race to drum up votes for a failing gubernatorial candidate is beyond the pale.

Snyder will get the last laugh on Election night when many black Michiganders stay home, uninspired by a candidate and a political party that increasingly doesn't care about them until Election Day.

Of note: this wasn't the only horrendous mailer from the MDP.

In a State House race in Muskegon, they sent a mailer claiming missing gas station clerk Jessica Heeringa was dead.

"A local lawmaker is furious with her own party over an inaccurate statement about Jessica Heeringa.

The Michigan Democratic Party mailed out a brochure stating Heeringa was murdered. The young mother has been missing since April 2013, but investigators have never classified her disappearance as a murder.

The party sent out the mailer in the name of state Rep. Colleen Lamonte...

Wednesday, Lamonte issued a statement that says, in part, "I was unaware that the Michigan Democrats were mailing this to local residents, and I never saw the mailer until this morning. I am as shocked and dismayed as anyone in our community to see the inaccurate claims on the brochure."
Late last year, Lamonte introduced Jessica's Law, a bill that protects overnight gas station employees. Heeringa was last seen at the Norton Shores gas station where she was working on the night of her disappearance.

Wednesday evening, the Michigan Democratic Party gave the following statement to WZZM 13:

"We are deeply sorry for any additional stress caused to Jessica's family by the release of a piece of paid mail which inaccurately asserted Jessica Heeringa was murdered. Out of respect for Jessica's family we will immediately cease distribution of this mailer, and join the community in hoping for her safe return."

That's not the only flyer they should stop distributing... They don't care about Jessica's return, they don't care if they assassinate someone's character, they don't care about facts-they don't care about anything except electing Democrats by any means necessary. Bottom line.

Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.
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