Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Breaking Freep Poll: Snyder Up By Almost 10, Leads Among Women And Independents

Governor Rick Snyder is increasing his lead over Mark Schauer, due in large part to the support of women and independents.

The latest poll released by the Free Press this evening shows Snyder up 8.

"If the election were held today, 47% would vote for Snyder and 39% would vote for Schauer, the poll found. In late September, Snyder led Schauer by six points, 45%-39%, according to EPIC-MRA of Lansing. Another 11% were undecided or refused to say, and about 3% said they were supporting third-party candidates."

Female and independent  voters are flocking to Snyder:

"Significantly, the poll shows Snyder with a 22-point lead among Independent voters, up from 5 points a month ago. Snyder also has overcome the lead Schauer held among female voters over the last two months and now leads among women, 42%-39%. As recently as August, Schauer led among women, 52%-37%."

Pollster Bernie Porn told the Free Press Schauer's clock is ticking:

"Time is running out," said Bernie Porn, president of EPIC-MRA. Schauer could still come out on top, but that would require a major turnout by Democratic voters who are not currently saying they intend to vote. "It's a tall order," he said.

That's why it's no surprise Schauer and his allies are getting desperate, resorting to disgusting racial attacks against the Governor.

Two weeks from tonight, Schauer's chickens come home to roost.

MIRS and Gongwer Pick Up WMP's Story Regarding Racist Anti-Snyder Ad, Team Snyder Calls Ad "Desperate, Baseless Lies"

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