Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hall: Snyder Recall Will Be Shot Down In Flames

Gov. Snyder
Despite his historic twenty point victory only ten months ago, special interests are hard at work to send Governor Snyder packing from Lansing and back home to Ann Arbor. They can't get him on East I-96 fast enough!

Backed by the Michigan Education Association, a recall against the Governor is underway.

Hide yo' grandma! Hide yo' kids! Cause Governor Snyder's going after everybody out here! Except evil big business of course....

Unfortunately, much of the "reasons" for the recall are pure BS.

Let's start with the controversial Emergency Manager Bill.

If one listened to recall backers (or Rachel Maddow), the Governor is "nerding it up" in Lansing by plotting ways to take over your town and/or school district.

Meanwhile, back in the real world... The same amount of Emergency Managers exist today that existed under Jennifer Granholm: four! The Jackson Citizen Patriot opined on the subject and layed it out brilliantly.

"When Rick Snyder took office as governor, emergency financial managers were picking through the rubble of four school districts’ and cities’ budgets in Michigan. His administration asked for and got a new law giving these managers new power. There were protests and an attempt to recall Snyder — and yet only those four remain under financial managers’ control.

That fact was made clear in a new Associated Press story, which pointed out how the new law has not reached as far as some predicted. Maybe the law’s critics can take a deep breath and relax.

Only one entity, the Highland Park school district, today is being considered for a financial manager. State officials turned down requests to review finances from officials in Allen Park and here in Jackson.

The recent law is either less of a threat to troubled cities and schools than critics say it is, or maybe it is just doing its job."

All the entities that have been taken over deserve it completely, and they were given time and time again to get their act together.

Another one of the MEA's favorite talking points is the fact Gov. Snyder reduced some financial assistance to school districts. Not only can Michigan's school districts afford the reduction through smart reforms, they can also use the opportunity to retool an education system in Michigan that is still mostly stuck in the 20th Century.

While almost every other area was cut by around 10%, education was only cut by around 2%. It's interesting to note that Gov. Granholm also took hundreds of millions from schools, but the MEA didn't try to recall her...

Regarding senior pensions, why should seniors who are pretty well off get by tax free on their income, while hard working folks bringing in a lot less are taxed?

Listen to the MEA, and where did Grandma and Junior's money go? Big business!

Anyone who listened for two seconds to the Gubernatorial election knew Republicans were getting rid of the Michigan Business Tax. Snyder, calling the MBT the "dumbest tax in the country," repealed it. However, he also axed the loopholes big businesses were cashing in on, meaning they still have to pay the same or in some cases, more in taxes. Small businesses are the true beneficiaries of the Snyder tax overhaul.

Even if the MEA can get the amount of signatures needed to waste the state's money and have a recall election, they will not be successful. Snyder will win the day with Independents, moderates in both parties, and will retain enough support from the Republican base to make it all the way until 2014. At that time, when all the lies haven't come to fruition and the rhetoric is overshadowed by results, Governor Snyder will win four more years as the state's "CEO."

Brandon Hall is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.
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