Monday, April 23, 2018

Breaking: Nassar Judge Rosemarie Aquilina Backs Survivors Call For Engler And Board Of Trustees To Resign At MSU

Aquilina (Lansing State Journal)

Judge Rosemarie Aquilina famously told the women assaulted by disgraced Michigan State University Doctor Larry Nassar to "go out and do your magnificent things." 

For Aquilina, when it comes to MSU President John Engler and the MSU Board of Trustees, they can just go.

Aquilina posted a video in support of Nassar survivors calling for Engler and the Board to resign on her Facebook over the weekend, saying she was proud of them, also noting the university doesn't seem to know how to handle the situation.

"So PROUD of you! They can’t keep up with you and your Sister Survivors," Aquilina said. "They have no idea just how fierce you and your ARMY is...Magnificent Voice, Power, and Grace!"

Aquilina also "loved" multiple comments from people saying it's time for Engler and the MSU Trustees to leave.

"MSU's board of trustees made a huge mistake hiring a bully to be the interim president. But they don't realize it because maybe they all think alike? It's way past time for them to resign," one person said.

"john engler did nothing but caused more problems," another commented.

Engler's brash style, as well as a series of dumb comments by trustees, have fueled calls for them to go.

Aquilina, who has been an Ingham County Circuit Court Judge since 2009, catapulted onto the national stage after her scathing sentencing of Nassar a few months ago made her a household name.

For many impacted by Nassar's evil acts, Aquilina was the first person in the system to actually listen to what they had to say-and believe them.

Aquilina turned down calls for her to run for Attorney General or the Michigan Supreme Court this year, saying it wasn't the right time and she will remain on the bench.


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