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5 Reasons Why You'd Be Foolish To Count Out Governor Geoffrey Fieger

By Brandon Hall
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Some people chuckle at the thought of "Governor Geoffrey Fieger," but they may not be laughing when the election results in 2018 come in if the prominent Detroit lawyer decides to jump in to the race.

Fieger, known as "the million dollar mouth" for his litigating skills during jury trials, is said to be quite serious about launching a campaign, and he has until next spring to file.

Here are 5 reasons why you'd be foolish to count out Geoffrey Fieger:

1. He Can Win The Dem Primary

Fieger is well positioned to win the primary. A recent poll showed him deadlocked with Gretchen Whitmer, and he hasn't spent a dime or done anything, he's not even running! Polling a few weeks ago even showed Fieger slightly ahead of Whitmer. 

Things get worse for the former Senate Minority Leader when looking at numbers in Southeast Michigan. In places like Detroit, Fieger is destroying her by nearly 50%, highlighting her weakness with the party's urban base.

2. He Can Win The General Election

2018 is not 1998, things have changed in America and here in Michigan. Just because Fieger struggled against an incumbent Governor back then means absolutely nothing now. His style is in many ways a liberal version of Donald Trump, and Michigan voters proved last November that is just what they are looking for. It's also a staple of Michigan history that whatever party holds the White House almost never wins the Governor's election, another facet favoring Fieger. 

The "million dollar mouth" will also have plenty to talk about on the campaign trail, he'll ignore Michigan's success stories of the last 8 years and put the spotlight on problems in Flint, higher gas taxes, Lansing corruption, the corporate welfare of the MEDC, and the control special interests have over too many of our lawmakers, among other weak spots for Republicans.

3. He Can Self Fund

Fieger spent over $6 million on his 1998 run, and he has racked up many more courtroom victories in the 20 years since. Fieger can write himself a check to win the primary, and may even be able to do the same for the General, depending on how much he's willing to part with. Taking a page from the Trump playbook, Fieger could campaign on the fact he doesn't need special interest money to win.

4. He Has High Name ID

Fieger has name ID political candidates who have never held office before dream of, it seems like almost everyone in Michigan has heard of him. Even ask people who don't follow politics, they have probably heard him on the news, or in one of his commercials.

5. He Is A Pro At Earned Media

Fieger loves the media, and the media loves Fieger. Just look at what his blog post teasing a run for Governor did to the media earlier this year: articles in all the major papers across Michigan popped up, his name was included in polls (that he won even while not running) he dominated political social media discussion for days, and gave multiple TV interviews, including a memorable sit down with Tim Skubick for "Off The Record."

Fieger is a perfect fit for the media, he's funny, passionate, aggressive, entertaining, and always seems to leave people wondering just what he'll say next. Get him on Twitter and watch out...

Despite those chuckles from his detractors I mentioned at the beginning, Fieger may be the one who gets the last laugh on New Year's Day in 2019 if he decides to run...Don't count him out by any means!  __________________________________________________________________
Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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