Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Inman Says Lobbyists Don't Like Calley Part Time Legislature Proposal, Claims Lawmakers Can't Live Off $10k A Month

By Brandon Hall
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Traverse City area State Rep. Larry Inman says he opposes Lt. Governor Brian Calley's proposal to cut legislator pay and enact a part time legislature.

Calley's proposal slashes the pay of Lansing politicians in half, putting it on par with what a teacher would make for the same amount of work.

In an interview with MIRS, Inman says he and other legislators can't afford the pay change and could have difficulty finding other work. 

Apparently $10,000 a month just isn't enough to make ends meet.

"Who is going to run for this office for 90 days and $30,000 when you typically spend $70,000 in a primary and $70,000 in a general election," Inman said. "And then when you come home you have to find a job?"

Perhaps Inman could land a gig finding the truth about Amelia Earhart?

Inman says the Calley plan is opposed by lobbyists trying to influence the government on behalf of their clients.

"There aren't a lot of legislators and lobbyists that are real excited about his initiative," Inman said.

While the proposal isn't popular with politicians and special interests, polling shows it is popular with Michiganders.

One survey shows nearly 70% of those polled back the plan.

More information about Calley's plan can be found at

Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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  1. Ten grand a month is barely getting by.

  2. Something is wrong with this article. The cut isn't to $10,000 a month. No way. How about you publish the yearly wage before and after the cut

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  4. Well, it's plainly obvious that the majority of the Michigan Legislature isn't too keen on PTL (republicans AND democrats), because if they really wanted it done, they would just simply by-passed the petition process altogether and placed it on the ballot by themselves.

    I am so looking forward to Rep. Inman's very short gubernatorial run.

    Aside from his personal belief that transfer of wealth is a legitimate function of government clearly demonstrated by his support of the Detroit bailout and the "Good Jobs" package of bills, he also reinforces why we need PTL AND term limits to weed out the ignorant members of the Michigan Legislature.

    Most elected officials don't personally pay for their run for elected office, they rely upon donors to their campaigns.

    Lil' Guv Calley is illustrating the irony with this by having the bulk of contributors to his PTL campaign done by anonymous donors as The Detroit News points out this week.

    So much for that "lack" of lobbyist support.